Monday, December 14, 2015

Personal Style Blog- Final assignment

Upon starting my personal style blog I would have to go deep into my spirit and see what truly moves me in clothing.  What is it that makes me feel "confident", secure, sexy and free?  I would have to describe my personal style as having influences from nature, art, and life.  Some may call it funky yet classy, others would say it is influenced with a bohemian twist.  I would want to express my feminine goddess that lives inside, and unleash her onto the world. Although my vibe would be one where I want to express freedom and creativity, I also would like my outfits to be constructed in such a way, that if I added a jacket or different accessories, I would be able to make most of them professionally suitable, when necessary.
My style would not be confined to a specific
garment or overall "look".
I would prefer to have my clothing
be recognized by the vibe that it
projects onto the world.
I would also be very socially conscious as to where and how my clothes were made. 
With the "hippie spirit", it would only make sense for my blog to have a social justice component to it. 
My philosophy would emphasize the fact that we only have one planet, and one body, we need to treat both of them with love and care.  All wild things tend to be more beautiful. 


Flowering Canopy
Rainbow Mountains of China

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