Friday, December 11, 2015

         I have chosen Ralph Lauren as my clothing brand. Ralph Lauren, the man, the myth, the designer has successfully created fantasies for his customers to indulge in through his clothing for many years. His clothing is the epitome of classic American style. It gives off a very preppy vibe with many neutral and pastel colors often times paired with khaki bottoms. Ralph Lauren is more about the fantasy the brand represents rather than the actual clothes you wear. Below are two quotes from him talking about his brand:

"It's not about fabric. It's about dreams." -Ralph Lauren

"What I do is make movies with my clothes. Movies via fashion." -Ralph Lauren
            The images used to market the clothing are what I would call idealistic "Americanesque"

The ads almost always have a very scenic, outdoor backdrop

There have been numerous family/group ads

This is most likely to show that there is something for everyone

of course all very fantasy-like

Below Is a Ralph Lauren ad that featured Penelope Cruz

              The visual information given off seems to that she just got back from riding her horse. Some of the aesthetic symbols used are her clothing, which features what looks like khaki riding pants and a belt. The outfit gives off a very equestrian vibe. Her head appears to be resting on a saddle. These aesthetic symbols give off a very wealthy-preppy-American vibe. This specific ad uses a celebrity. Apparently Ralph Lauren reached out to Ms. Cruz after seeing her in a movie. quotes Ralph Lauren saying "She's a unique combination of beauty and intelligence." about Penelope.

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