Monday, December 14, 2015

Is fashion Art?

        There are people out there who believe that fashion is not art.  I however am not one of them, and I would like to explain how I come to my conclusion.  Art like many other things is made up of elements: Line, shape, value, form, color, and texture.  When people think of art they don't always think about beautiful dresses or perfectly hand seemed suits.  They do not think of Couture designers in Paris.  They draw a line of separation between art and fashion.  However, all the elements that are found in art are deeply rooted in fashion. It is nearly impossible to look at clothing and not have your attention brought to the lines produced by the stitching, the shape it creates, what value it has, which form it is in, what colors it possesses and sometimes most importantly the texture and feeling of the fabric.  The designers behind these creations have to have a vision for what they want to make.  How they want the people to feel when they see the garment, or are the ones wearing the garment.  There are designers whose creative genius is brought on by the influence of simplicity, while others choose to be bold, doing so by choosing specific colors and textures. 

          Clothing has a way of defining a person.  In a society which is based on looks, it is hard to escape the judgments people will make on you according to your appearance.  People use different fashion to portray what they want the world to associate them with, and the designers are the ones selling that feeling and uniform to which ever subculture people want to be a part of.  If someone wants to show their character and persona as being bold, they are not going to be wearing a set of overalls and a straw hat,  they are going to be geared more towards, loud colors, intricate patterns, and interesting textures.  If someone wants to be part of the bohemian scene, you are not likely to see them in a suit and tie at a music festival.  You are more likely to see them expressing themselves through flowing dresses, many colors, cut off tops, and flower head bands.  And again if someone wants to be seen as classy and timeless, they are going to be wearing the simple and beautiful pieces, whose focus may be more so on the lines the garments produce; the simple beauty that they hold.  and the beautiful textures that make the piece give off that particular vibe.    

          Art is defined as the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.  Looking at fashion from this perspective how can it not be considered art.  The designers are expressing themselves and applying their creativity to produce works that are appreciated by millions.   People go to fashion shows to see the artistry of the designer.  The clothes that are in the runway are not always the ones that are in the store.  The ones on the run way are designed to catch the attention of the public for the brand and require imagination and a desire to bring out an emotional component to the crowd, as well as the emotional component the brand brings to the consumer.  That however, should not take away the artistic influence the garments on the rack were generated with.  They were produced to give off a different feeling, and form of expression.  With all the talent and imagination it takes to produce clothing, I personally cannot swallow fashion not being art.  It is used on a daily basis to express who we believe we are from a consumer level, and from a designer level it is what we have created for the world to see, feel, and appreciate.   

 The photos below are examples of how fashion can help individuals express themselves in different ways. You can't deny that there are different vibes given off by each picture according to what the woman are wearing.  The elements of art can be seen in each picture.


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