Monday, September 21, 2015

A Thing of Beauty

            By definition, art is something that is created with imagination and skill and that is beautiful or that expresses important ideas or feelings (Merriam-Webster). Fashion does exactly that. Fashion designers create items of clothing, garments, and accessories using imagination and hard-earned acquired skill either through years in school, or through personal development and learning. It is an expression of the designers' feelings and ideas. The designer uses their illustrations and finished pieces to portray a sense of self and introduce to others who they are and what they are about. It is like a visual mission statement. Also, fashion as a norm is art on the streets on a day-to-day basis at any time, any where, as a trend or manner. People use fashion as a way to express their style and, usually, their personality. For example, a teenaged girl wears a dress that is black and has a clockwork theme to it with laces and ruffles. This could portray that she is into the color black, and that she may be a gothic chick who uses the color to help define her personality. She uses this outfit to non-verbally share with others who she is as a person, and takes it to advantage to connect with those similar around her with the same interests. Self-expression is important in a present world that is too busy to give enough attention to individual needs, and fashion is the perfect way to get one's name "out there," and shout out to society "Hey this is me, this is what I believe in, this is who I am!" To some, and to myself, fashion is the best form of art imaginable because it doesn't take much effort and there are no rules to it. It is to everyone's own to use however and in whichever way they'd like. To have your fashion judged adds to its beauty as an art, going back to self-expression and important feelings. It gives you a better sense of self and helps exert one's cause and create an impact on what one believes in. A lady may wear "pleather" and get judged by others as "cheap" or "disgusting," but may be praised by others who appreciate her support to end the use of animal skin, one major concern that has revolutionized the face of fashion. So as one can see, fashion is a thing of beauty, a brilliant creation, an art.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

09/19/2015 Kristin Broderick

When you hear the name Jacqueline Kennedy you immediately conjure up an image of elegance and style.  This First Lady was known for her impeccable taste and whether she was named Jackie Kennedy or Jackie O., the woman behind the big sunglasses exuded timeless fashion that women still refer to as the epitome of a style icon.  Although her husband was the president, Jackie Kennedy was famous for the image that she created and women aspired to look like her.  Often photographed as always poised and with utter composure.  "Jackie had formulated the foundation of her style: classic chic underscored with modern minimalism" (Tauber 2001).

As we saw during class, Jackie Kennedy, could still manage to look beautiful, casting an awe of millions during the most tragic of circumstances, her husband's assassination. Her pillbox hat would look silly on any average woman, yet she is able to pull it off without a question or second glance.  "Here was a First Lady who looked equally at ease baring her shoulders in strapless gowns as she did stepping out in jaunty A-line sheaths and sandals" (Tauber 2001). 

Tauber, Michelle.  Jackie's Style: A New Exhibit Throws Open the Closet of America's Most Fashionable First Lady.  People Magazine Vol. 55 No. 18 2001. 
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Friday, September 18, 2015

Agendered fashion and Hood by Air

I am currently working on an article about agendered fashion and futurism - that is, why do we always envision the future where everyone is wearing a jumpsuit? As the time goes on, fashion becomes increasingly about individual expression rather that class distinction, but the gender boundary remains. Is gendered clothing truly the final frontier, and will we demolish the gender markings through highly individualized fashion rather that StarTrek style uniforms?

We'll know soon enough, I suppose; but as food for thought, I offer you a few looks from Shayne Oliver's Hood By Air SS 2016 collection. It is beautiful and strange, and pushes the gender boundaries in innovative way - primarily by being indifferent to them. Enjoy! (And yes, there is space for both uniform flight suit and individualism).

(All images via The Cut, NY Magazine fashion blog)