Saturday, September 19, 2015

09/19/2015 Kristin Broderick

When you hear the name Jacqueline Kennedy you immediately conjure up an image of elegance and style.  This First Lady was known for her impeccable taste and whether she was named Jackie Kennedy or Jackie O., the woman behind the big sunglasses exuded timeless fashion that women still refer to as the epitome of a style icon.  Although her husband was the president, Jackie Kennedy was famous for the image that she created and women aspired to look like her.  Often photographed as always poised and with utter composure.  "Jackie had formulated the foundation of her style: classic chic underscored with modern minimalism" (Tauber 2001).

As we saw during class, Jackie Kennedy, could still manage to look beautiful, casting an awe of millions during the most tragic of circumstances, her husband's assassination. Her pillbox hat would look silly on any average woman, yet she is able to pull it off without a question or second glance.  "Here was a First Lady who looked equally at ease baring her shoulders in strapless gowns as she did stepping out in jaunty A-line sheaths and sandals" (Tauber 2001). 

Tauber, Michelle.  Jackie's Style: A New Exhibit Throws Open the Closet of America's Most Fashionable First Lady.  People Magazine Vol. 55 No. 18 2001. 
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  1. Good pick! I also think that her style evolution in her post-White House life was fascinating. She shifted toward a much more minimal image, and was very fond of Zoran, the designer who called his clothes "Gap for rich people".