Friday, September 18, 2015

Agendered fashion and Hood by Air

I am currently working on an article about agendered fashion and futurism - that is, why do we always envision the future where everyone is wearing a jumpsuit? As the time goes on, fashion becomes increasingly about individual expression rather that class distinction, but the gender boundary remains. Is gendered clothing truly the final frontier, and will we demolish the gender markings through highly individualized fashion rather that StarTrek style uniforms?

We'll know soon enough, I suppose; but as food for thought, I offer you a few looks from Shayne Oliver's Hood By Air SS 2016 collection. It is beautiful and strange, and pushes the gender boundaries in innovative way - primarily by being indifferent to them. Enjoy! (And yes, there is space for both uniform flight suit and individualism).

(All images via The Cut, NY Magazine fashion blog)

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