Monday, December 14, 2015

Calling all Models- Assignment 5

If your looking for bright lights, big personalities and a city that never sleeps New York comes to mind.  If your looking for fashion in New York, you can always find it but, for that explosive collection of new designs from all over the world you would want to attend New York Fashion Week.  New York Fashion week is a semi-annual event which is held in the months of September and February generally taking place for 7-9 days.  It is a time were international fashion collections are put on display for buyers, the general public and the press.  It is not surprising that New York Fashion Week is home of one of the worlds four major fashion weeks.  Other cities in the "Big 4 Include Paris, Miami, and London. 

Models walk down the runway as the press, public, and buys enjoy the collection.
Fashion productions take place all over the city some are independent while others are branded events such as Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. A calendar of the city wide events that tale place is kept by the Council of Fashion Designers of America.  With all the commotion and prestige it is no coincidence that there is a huge influx of hundreds of models trying to earn there way on the catwalk. 

The models are the canvas to the fashion designs.  Without models clothes would merely be shown on a rack and what fun would there be in that.  However, not everyone can be a model for New York Fashion Week and there are certain criteria and high standards you have to meet before you can even think about going on a casting call. 

There are requirements each model has to meet before she can be casted.  Women must be at least 5'9 or taller in bare feet. Dress size 0-4, Age 18-25, must be healthy in good physical shape, have clear unblemished skin (on the face and body), straight white teeth, no tan lines, no obvious scars, no excessive tattoos or piercings, you will be asked to walk, and you will be asked to show your legs, arms, and back to see if you can model open back gowns.
Let's not forget the competition is fierce with hundreds of woman from all over the world looking for their shot to rock the runway.

If you are called for the casting call, you are required to bring composite cards.  Composite cards are cards that hold information about the model such as: height, weight, waist size, hip size, dress size, shoe size, hair color, eye color, and bust.
Models arrive at the casting calls with simple outfits and no make up, so the casting team can see them in their most bare form. They also must bring a pair of high heels so they can show off the casting team their walk.
Casting Team meets to discuss requirements and what there clients are looking for in their models.
Model at a casting call.  No make up and simple clothes.

Models take head shots, at the casting calls.  Headshots along with their composite cards, and casting directors notes are collected and used as reference material over the next couple of months.

Models are then expected to walk in front of the casting team.  Sometimes being critiqued and given direction as to how they should be walking on a New York runway.  Which is known for a fast-paced, staccato walk.

Even in a room filled with beautiful women, there are certain models who seem to stand out from the rest.  The presence that they carrying is something that can be felt and is undeniable.  During one casting call Andrew Weir  owner of ACW Worldwide, describes Vika Falileeva as  "rare combination of all things good — all things that make a model a model. Strength, height, symmetry, confidence, an amazing walk, an amazing presence, beautiful skin, beautiful hair, perfectly proportioned — an amazing girl."

Vika Falileeva- The "IT Factor"
After the New York Fashion Week Casting, models will be scene going to their next audition.  There bookers will keep them busy throughout the city.  Best of luck to all the lovely ladies looking to make it big in the Big Apple.



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