Monday, December 14, 2015


Man Repeller is a blog created by Leandra Medine and at first mention of the title, if you've never read it, you're probably thinking oh a feminist male bashing point of view with daily rants posted on the internet...gee we've never seen that before!  However although Man Repeller is defined as "Good fashion is about pleasing women, not men, so as it happens, the trends that we love, men hate.  And that is fantastic".  So this blog isn't about loathing men as it is about pleasing ourselves.  We are taught as a society that young women from an early age should dress to "flatter" and "dress to impress" and we are programmed to think will men find me attractive in this or that?  The point is that most fashion, the kind that we like anyway, has nothing to do with men.  Leandra Medine proved that with her brainchild...the blog Man Repeller.  Her fashion is gutsy and makes a statement "here I am!  love it or hate I don't care either way."  The exact opposite of what society imposes on women from a fashionable perspective.  Even in today's blogs women are made up and a lot of these young bloggers have clothes fit to accentuate curves...Leandra Medine accentuates her personality in every photo which makes her attractive, real, and pretty hot if you ask me!  I mean anyone that can pull off a motorcycle jacket (and not in a biker gang) for her wedding day is cool by any fashion standard.  Man Repeller also is now a collaborative effort of different writers featuring articles, not just pretty pictures (like some blogs! offense to you cute bloggers with your boyfriends (/photographer) in tow), that are socially not just fashionably relevant.  One article featured under Culture publicizes an essay written "Women Come in All Shapes and Sizes", and Leandra Medine takes a no holds bard approach where nothing is off limits for example, when she got engaged she faced some backlash from fans now that the Man Repeller herself was getting married would she stay true to herself and more recently revealing her "Pregnancy Pause" the fears and frustrations that come along with the "we're trying" to conceive.  But that is what this blog is, a conversation, a relationship with a woman (and her "team") that seems real and approachable and reminds us women that fashion is supposed to be fun and about "us" not them (your boyfriend, husband, get the idea)
not to mention Man Repeller also has its own dictionary where words and terms such as "Fay-Sexual" are defined and the words such as "Tacky" are debunked.  We all have a little, well hopefully a lot of man repelling in us, and Leandra Medine reminds us to celebrate it and show off our a pair of overalls hopefully!

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