Monday, December 14, 2015


Michelle Phan is a beauty guru who started her journey of fame and success on Youtube. Shortly after gathering a significant amount of following, she started her own blog in the year 2007, which turned into a website through which she sells her products (Em Cosmetics, a book on makeup, and a beauty goodies box subscription), and gets paid for advertisements from various companies. Besides the business portion, Michelle blogs about 5 categories: Beauty, Fashion, Wellness, Knowledge, and Art.

I have no favorite, but I do gravitate more towards 2 categories over the rest, particularly the Beauty and Fashion sections. On Youtube, Michelle's channel's purpose and goal were to empower girls and women alike to be their best and to appreciate who and what they are by providing makeup tutorials, beauty remedies, beauty & fashion tips and advises, and outfit ideas. These are reflected on her website, as well. On her Beauty section, Michelle encourages self-love and expression. Like on her blog post entitled, Different Cultures & Their Beauty Perceptions, she talks about the differences in people, their looks and their beauty perceptions. She also talks about the perception of perfection in society, emphasizing the need to embrace what we love, what makes us happy, and what makes us confident- not what the world wants us to want. Nothing beats beauty when it comes to personal style :)

Now, the most fun part--> FASHION!

One post I really liked, which I reposted and shared on my Facebook profile, was one entitled How to  Rock Pastels in the Fall. She mentions how the common belief is that light colors are a no-no in the fall and winter seasons. However, she says, who's to say what you can and can't wear? This particular blog post teaches women/girls who like and/or want to wear light colors in the cooler seasons how to do so in a way that doesn't exactly scream 'rebel', but lets them show their style comfortably in public.

(Cozy, not springy! says Michelle)

(Pretty self-explanatory, but a great read nonetheless:

Now, if I were to create my own blog (OMG I would love that, BTW), I think I would copy Michelle's style. She just makes the reader feel so special that she (the reader) gets excited and anticipates the next upcoming blog. She even calls everyone dreamers, reminding us to follow our hearts, what we want to wear, what makes us stand tall, and what makes us smile. It shall be called Princess Material. Topics include, but aren't limited to, beauty, fashion, love, travels, interior designing, food (every lady wants to impress that guy, right?), arts & crafts, and everything in between!

I'd make everything pink, elegant like Audrey Hepburn, and Sixteen Candles-themed. Sixteen Candles meaning my posts dive into what all girls and women have gone through and relate to, like our most anticipated Sweet Sixteen parties and adolescence. I wanna make it interactive, giving my subscribers the option to post, repost, reply, and perhaps even edit some of my posts (Wikipedia-style). It'll be our own little world, girlies ---> NO BOYS ALLOWED! ;)

It shall be inspirational!

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