Sunday, October 25, 2015

Taking a closer look into my closet (Blog Post#3)


Before I wore a uniform to work everyday (so glad I wear scrubs!), I always felt I had nothing to wear or I had so much clothing, but longed for something "new".  After doing this inventory I had quite the reality check....I have A LOT of clothes.  I never thought much about the amount until I actually sat there and counted items in my wardrobe.  I have 15 jeans, 45 sweaters, three jumpsuits, 2 denim jackets, 2 pairs of olive green pants...because of course one was not enough right, several dresses and skirts, 9 pairs of pants, and I did not even account for my workout wardrobe nor shorts, shirts or t-shirts; and for the sake of specification I conveniently left out my drawers for this "closet" assignment! The numerical amount was shocking, but there weren't any surprises in my closet.  I knew what was in there however it was a revelation, for example, a blouse I came across that I've only worn once and although I know I'll never wear it again I still have it hanging in my closet.  I have donated tons of clothes in the past, yet I still can find clothes just "hanging out" literally, and I know they'll never see the light of day again.  I think the 20% estimation of the proportion of clothing that we wear is a very generous estimate; sometimes it can even feel like 10%!! 
I was overwhelmed by the numbers and I quickly thought to divert my attention by tracking down the roots of my clothing; if I ever looked at where clothes were made it was completely by accident, I was probably analyzing either the size or possibly the material if I was feeling picky on that particular shopping excursion.  Most of my clothes read as such "Made in China", there are also clothes that were made in India, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Nicaragua.  I felt like I struck gold when I found a sweater made in Canada, a top from Israel and two dresses that read Made in USA.  I have learned that my clothes are not as cohesive as I would like and that although I could never imagine saying this aloud....I have too many clothes.  I need to make an effort to prioritize quality over quantity.  I have included some pictures to really capture the closet craziness.  The sad part is that you can't even see everything in there (there are bins on the floor) and again, this does not even include my drawers. 

AND then this happened today..................

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