Saturday, October 24, 2015

Contents of my closet (assignment #3)

If I had to estimate the clothes between my closet and my drawers, I would guess around 150 articles of clothing. I counted up to 93 but still have two drawers with clothes in them. You said in class, “A lot of people wear 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time.” I never thought of it like that before but I am defiantly one of those people.  Especially because I work a lot, I wear black pants and a black shirt five days a week while at work. I also have a lot of special occasion clothing which I don’t wear too often because it’s not the right setting. I’m not going to go to class dressed like I’m going to a fancy dinner or out to a club so those clothes get worn much less than my basic tee shirt and leggings. I also wear more variety of clothes during the summer, even though a lot of people love the colder weather because they say it’s easier to dress stylish but for someone like me who is just freezing all the time, I care more about being warm than looking cute. I give props to the girls who freeze their butts off just to look cute. Most of my clothes were bought new; some could be considered gifts in the case that my mom or my sister offered to buy something rather than me spend my own money. I don’t typically wear used clothes unless it’s like a close friend’s cute article of clothing that I borrowed that I swear I really am going to give back (someday). I noticed that most of my clothes come from China, especially the ones I’ve ordered online. Some other areas were Cambodia, Nicaragua, and America. My Bebe shirts were from America which made me think, not that I know for sure, that higher priced clothing possibly is produced here or finished here where as the cheaper stuff is from foreign countries. I was not surprised by the amount of clothes I have, sadly, it should be shocking because that is a lot of clothes but I realized how much clothes I have when I moved and the number has defiantly increased since a little over a year ago. I’m not dissatisfied with my consumption of clothing; it has defiantly improved in the years. I’m a smarter shopper, I calculate if I really need something or if I will actually where it whereas before I would just mindlessly buy something I found cute. That will happen when you start earning your own money in life; it makes you ask yourself more questions before making a purchase because you realize the difference between necessity and desire. Too bad that I didn’t have better style when I use to mindlessly buy because half the stuff  is now either given to friends, donated, or cut up into something I’ll hopefully actually where out. Luckily, I have improved my shopping ways, just wish I would have when it was still my parents’ money I was spending.  

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